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Exhibition: Synagogue in Dessau


Dessau has a unique synagogue. Modelled on the peripteral design of the Temple of Hercules Victor, it was conceptualised by Erdmannsdorff in 1787. Today, the synagogue houses a permanent exhibition that provides information on Jewish history in Saxony-Anhalt.

Exposed to variations in temperature, this valuable building is extraordinarily sensitive. Therefore, the exhibition was designed with great attention to detail to be completely self-supporting.

With great intuition and sensitivity, Steeltown stood up to the challenge. According to the customer's outlines, we have developed a sophisticated, temperature-resistant foot support system with elegant glass panels, showcases and bodies of light.


Employer: Heymann GmbH on behalf of Kulturstiftung Dessau Wörlitz and Moses Mendelssohn Gesellschaft Dessau e.V.
Requirements: Sensitive, listed building with harsh variations of temperature; high-quality, robust exhibition material.
Solution: Construction, production and final assembly of a self-supporting exhibition system made from double coated aluminium (colour: 9006 silver), glass panels, showcases and 3.5 metres-high pylons. Glass panels: ESG, 8 mm, screen print. Safeguarded by steel weighing down on the foot support system as well as by a cross construction on the ceiling.